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Washington Nationals
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Nationals vs. Mets, 4-2 
13th-Sep-2005 11:39 pm
Nationals take opener from Mets
09/13/2005 10:26 PM ET
By Bill Ladson / MLB.com

WASHINGTON -- The Nationals used five relievers to defeat the Mets, 4-2, in front of 34,143 at Shea Stadium on Tuesday night.

The Nationals needed to use a bullpen by committee for the second consecutive game, because John Patterson missed his start because of a sinus infection and bronchitis that turned into a slight asthma attack.

Unlike in Sunday's game against the Braves, however, the relievers did a good job. Right-hander Hector Carrasco, making his first start since 2000, when he was with the Red Sox, pitched four innings, giving up two runs on three hits. He struck out a career-high six batters and walked three.

Jon Rauch, Joey Eischen, Gary Majewski and Chad Cordero shut out the Mets the rest of the way, with Cordero picking up his 45th save.

The Mets were up, 1-0, when the Nationals took the lead in the third inning. Brad Wilkerson, Marlon Byrd and Preston Wilson hit RBI singles off Tom Glavine to give the Nationals a 3-1 lead.

The Mets made it a 3-2 game in the fourth inning, when Marlon Anderson took Carrasco's 1-0 pitch and hit his fourth home run of the season.

In the top of the ninth, with Braden Looper on the mound and Brian Schneider on first base, Cristian Guzman dropped a bunt in front of catcher Ramon Castro, who threw the ball over the head of first baseman Chris Woodward. Schneider scored all the way from first on the play.

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To add insult to injury, Frank Robinson was ejected on argument about a batter checking his swing.  The batter was on the Mets, and I swear he almost spun all the way around.  I have no idea how the first base umpire missed that.

Robinson's 70.  Give him a break. :)
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